How was TVD tonight? I didn’t get a chance to watch it.

The Originals being back just makes everything better

Genuinely pissed off about the season 6 premiere.

Worst episode i’ve ever seen.

Guys always say “girls think they know everything” but jokes on you because we actually do know everything

I’m declaring TVD thursday a national holiday.

"I fall too hard for the guys that don’t give a shit about me & I don’t fall hard enough for the guys that do."

ya i wanna be dauntless

Two weeks until tvd comes back & i have a reason to get up and go about my day !!

So is Damon being dead like actually a thing or nah? Because i can’t live without that fucker

This is what you get when you break up with my best friend for no reason. Go fuck urself ! Xoxo

No one cares unless you’re pretty or dying

Is it just me or did the entire true blood cast lose their southern accents as the seasons went on?